Knut Sigurd Wilberg started the kennel with his nickname Siggen in 1967.

His brother Leif-Herman joined the Siggen prefix a few years later.

In 1973 Knut Sigurd left Siggen and joined his wife Kari`s prefix Kanix

Leif Herman`s wife Rita became a partner in 1974.

Kennel Siggen bred two breeds till 1973, German Sheperds and Welsh Corgi pembrokes.

Our first Corgi was Yorken Gallant Knight, an English import, who became Dog of the Year all breeds in Norway 1968.

In 1968 the first Siggen corgi litter was born, when we imported Yorken Dusky Mandy of Kathla in whelp to Wennam Sea King. 6 puppies (2-4)

Since 1968: (1968 – 2009, 41 years)

78 corgi litters,

321 puppies (160 dogs-161 bitches)

102 champions (32%)

26 international champions

Dog of the year all breeds in Norway 1968 (above) and 1983 : Int.Ch.Siggen`s Hi Fi

Siggen`s Hi Fi was the first corgi, not born in England, to win a CC in the home country of the breed.

He won 2 CC`s and 4 res-CC`s ( in 1984-86 ) before he returned home to Norway as a pensioner.

Dogs from our kennel have gained champion titles in the following countries: England, Australia, USA, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Israel, Mexico, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Spain, Slovakia, Estonia

Five World Winners: Ch.Siggen`s Solo in Tel Aviv (Israel) 1987, Int.Aust.Multi.Ch. Siggen`s Oberon in Porto (Portugal) 2001, Int.Nord.Ch. Siggens Romulus Rocco in Dortmund (Germany) 2003, Aust.S.Ch.Cuuchin Born to Enchant in Stockholm (Sweden) 2008, US.S.Est.SK Ch. Nebriowa Cole Haan in Bratislava, (Slovakia). 2009.

One World Winner Veteran: US,Int. Multi.Ch. Otreks Only In My Dreams in Stockholm (Sweden) 2008.

Three European Winners : Int Multi Ch Siggens Uptown Girl in Finland 2006, Int.Multi Ch. Siggen`s Jeremy and Int.Multi.Ch. Siggen`s Conny in Denmark 1997.

Multi Ch.Siggen`s Oberon was the first Pembroke corgi to win a CC in England travelling under the Pet Travel Scheme, when he won CC and BOS at Windsor 2002. He later also gained his Australian title as the first Norwegian bobtail in 2005.

GB.N.S.Ch NV07,SV08 Siggen’s Doffen was the first undocked Pembroke to gain the English title in the new age in 2008.

US.Int.Nord.Ch Siggen’s Yassir gained his US title in 2008 as the first Norwegian bobtail.

We have been breeding bobtails since 1989.

Total: 157 puppies (81-76), 90 bobtails (57%) (52-38)

The competition for the title, Corgi of the Year in Norway,was first introduced in 1974. Since then, dogs bred or owned by kennel Siggen have won this title 25 times with 15 different dogs.

Kennel Siggen is the only corgi kennel in Norway that has been awarded The Norwegian Kennel Clubs: Distinction of Excellent Breeding, (2002)

We have been importing dogs from the following kennels in England, USA and Australia: Yorken, Blands, Kydor, Denmarville, Daleviz, Pengavin, Meljac, Vanrell, Pemwell, Perrymist, Pemland, Otrek, Nebriowa, Cuuchin, Bojojamile

We are proud to tell that the dogs living with us today, and are bred by us, all go back in a continuous line to our first bitch: Yorken Dusky Mandy of Kathla bought more than 40 years ago.